47827_143893389109405_249942492_nThe Federation of North-American Explorers is pleased to announce the Fr. Piotr Narkeiwicz of our Polish FSE association has agreed to join us as our FNE national religious advisor.  As our new FNE board will be meeting soon to continue to develop the future of our movement in North-America, we are grateful for our religious advisors, who care for the souls of the children of our movement, as well as the leaders who give their time to build it and make it possible.  Fr. Narkeiwicz has cared for the souls of many Guides and Explorers in Europe, including at Eurojam this past summer, and was most recently present at a joint camp between the 1st North Star and 1st Our Lady of the Annunciation FNE groups.  Please remember Fr. Narkeiwicz in your prayers that he may be a good shepherd for us, and also for our leaders that Our Lord may continue to protect us and guide us in our efforts.  Welcome Father Piotr, and Semper Parati!