The adventure of a Life Time - Pilgrimage to Rome Italy - Day 1 Continued

After settling in and grabbing a quick nap our Italian brothers arrived at the Brownsea Italian National camp.  The Canadian boys formed two rows on each side of the road to welcome the new arrivals and to say hello as the Italian Explorers hiked by with their backpacks, tents, and other gear.

The Italian timberwolves arrive Saturday afternoon as they need to attend school while the Explorers took time off school to be with their Canadian brothers.

The first thing to do was to meld the two countries together imto one family of Explorers as afterwall we are all brothers, part of the larger FSE family.

Upon the appropriate signal the Explorers raced into position into the troop formation to comence our joint camp with a prayer, and calling out patrol cheers one after the other.  We are happy to say that our Canadian boys fit right in with everything that took place, we feel and act as part of the larger family.

First thing is first, to meld the patrols together.  Immediately the patrols were twinned together one Ialian and one Canadian.  They will share campsites together (one per two patrols), build structures like a cooking and eating table, and prepare to paticipate in a campfire later on that evening.

The Italian national camp is well equipped with wooden spars, ropes and oher materials that needed to be hauled pole by pole to the respective campsites.  The Explorers put their mind and muscle into moving what they needed to their respective campsites.  On Saturday the Explorers will be building bridges in designated locations. 

At first our Italian brothers felt unsure as to their English lanuage skills taught at school.... we quickly resolved this by intermixing the patrols over dinner... soon we witnessed many smiles, much laughter as they got to know one another.

In the meantime the timberwolves explored the vast camp property. They found signs of wild boar in the area with foot prints and the discovery of the mud pit that the animals liked to roll and play in. Beyond playing with the camps cats they also discovered two wild dogs that showed little intereest in the timber wolves as they had no food with them to offer to the animals.

The timberwolves climbed up into a larger watch tower where they could see the campsite for miles around an awesome sight to behold,

Before dinner we entered a large cave and prayed the Rosary with many intentions being offered up especially for our loved ones at home.

Off to dinner (pasta as after all we are in Italy) and from there to a rousing campfire with a number of repeat after me songs (action ones in particular) to overcome any lanuage challenges.  Much laughter and joy before holding closing prayers and off to bed.

It did not take long for the boys to fall asleep.... about 2 minutes at most as a deserved restful sleep was especially awaiting our Canadian boys.  We went to bed excited about what awaits us tomorrow!



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