The adventure of a lifetime - Day 9 to 12 in Rome Italy

The adventure of a lifetime – Day 9 in Rome Italy

Ah, getting up at 8.30 a.m. is like sleeping in – yes!  We used every minute of sleep wisely! After the traditional morning breakfast, we boarded the bus for our trip to St. Paul Outside the Walls Basilica about a one hour drive.  St. Paul is truly outside Rome, thus the crowds were quite a bit less and easier to navigate through.

The adventure of a lifetime – Day 8 in Rome Italy

Thanks, be to God today dawned to be another beautiful cloudless day but one that would challenge every one of us spiritually and physically?  The question is, can our timber wolves and explorers rise to the challenge and task, or will they crumble as some groups have in years past?


8.00 a.m. was a much more reasonable time to get up although it felt that we had just put our head down when it was time to get up.  Like in every day past the boys bounced up, got into their uniforms and were ready for the adventure that awaited them.

Today being Good Friday would call on all participants to make a real sacrifice as to the reduced food intake (one regular meal) plus to experience some physical discomforts as part of our days, activities.

The adventure of a lifetime – Day 7 in Rome Italy

This morning was different as compared to another day, we could sleep in and not need to get up until 7.00 a.m.!!! Wow! As always our boys managed to quickly get themselves out of bed, dressed and ready to go by 7.25 am as we gathered to enter the massive Chapel at the seminary.

We have taught the timber wolves and explorers how to effectively walk in a straight line and how to enter the chapel without any unnecessary noise as many seminarians were present praying before their day would get underway.

The adventure of a lifetime – Day 6 in Rome Italy

5.40 am came early to us today, yet our boys managed to pop out of bed and get into their uniforms and up into the cafeteria within 20 short minutes.  We are blessed to once again wake up to a beautiful cloudless warm day!

Breakfast this morning consisted of freshly baked bread (still warm inside), boiled eggs and cereal. The Dad’s arrived extra early to help Father Thomas make the lunches that we would take with us (ham and cheese, an apple, a cinnamon bun, and a bag of chips).  By 6.45 am we were on the move to walk single file to the nearby train station for the short ride to Vatican stop some six minutes away.

The adventure of a lifetime - Day 3 in Rome Italy

This day was a little different as the boys, fathers and leaders woke up adjusted to the time zone, to a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze blowing and the birds singing from all around us and not a single cloud in the sky!  Thank you, Lord! Wolf Patrol was the first one up and in the exercise field all ready to go before even the first Italian patrol exited their tents upon the wake-up horn.

The Adventure of a lifetime - Day 2 in Rome

The adventure of a lifetime – Day 2 in Rome Italy

Dawn arrived all too soon for the Canadian Explorers and even for a few of our Italian brothers as we continue to adjust to the new time zone.  There was not a single cloud in the sky and the wind had dropped down.

The morning silence was suddenly interrupted for our Explorers as the gathering horn sounded loud and clear off in the distance.  A few of the boys stirred slowly as the realization of the sound meant started to sink in… we got to get up now without any delay.  You could hear the patrol chief at each camp call out to his brothers, come on guys we can’t afford to arrive at the gathering place late or worst last.

The adventure of a Life Time - Pilgrimage to Rome Italy - Day 1 Continued

After settling in and grabbing a quick nap our Italian brothers arrived at the Brownsea Italian National camp.  The Canadian boys formed two rows on each side of the road to welcome the new arrivals and to say hello as the Italian Explorers hiked by with their backpacks, tents, and other gear.

The Italian timberwolves arrive Saturday afternoon as they need to attend school while the Explorers took time off school to be with their Canadian brothers.

The first thing to do was to meld the two countries together imto one family of Explorers as afterwall we are all brothers, part of the larger FSE family.

The adventure of a lifetime - a Pilgrimage to Rome Italy

The adventure of a lifetime – a Pilgrimage to Rome Italy - photo's to follow due to very slow internet connection

Day One – Thursday, April 6  and arrival Friday, April 7– departure for Rome Italy

Remember way back when as a child it felt as if it took a very long time for your birthday or Christmas to arrive or that summer vacation felt as it would last forever in the early dog days of August?  For our FNE Timber Wolves and Explorers, it felt that it would be forever before the big day for our departure to Rome Italy would finally arrive.


Announcement of a new FNE Group

By approval of our General Commissioner, we are pleased to announce the formation of a new FNE group!  Please welcome our second group in South Dakota, the 1st Pope St. John Paul II and 2nd St. Therese the Little Flower, Sanctus Ignis (Holy Fire) FNE in Bella Forsh, SD in the northern Black Hills.  Please give their page a like and welcome them to our FNE family.  More info to come!

The FNE Explorer Promise - A path to heaven by Explorer Nicholas Schau

God created all men for one purpose: to become saints. When the Jewish priests asked Our Lord which of the commandments was the greatest, He answered: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength” (Mat. 22; 37) and to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Mat. 22; 39)  These two commandments are a summary of the Ten Commandments. If every man were to obey these Commandments, they can become ordinary saints. The Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) is a Catholic scouting program in which each Explorer takes a promise to abide by those two Commandments. The FNE Explorer Promise states: “On my honor, and with God’s grace, I promise to do my best, to serve God, the Church, my country, to help others at all times, and to obey the Explorer Law.” By keeping this Promise, one could certainly become an ordinary saint.

FNE Explorer Promise Cross Ceremony

Article by Paul Ritchi - General Commissioner and Founder - FNE

FNE through its home movement the FSE offers a dynamic and challenging Christ centred Catholic faith youth program.  This well developed and proven method was developed by Venerable Father Jacques Sevin using many of the then techniques developed by Robert Baden-Powell the founder of the original Scout program.  Our program remains true to these FSE ideals and values of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A valuable lesson on leadership for our youth leaders!

Leadership - What Makes a Good Patrol Chief ?

Current Photo's of our FNE Program In Action!

Visit our FaceBook located at  for the latest and greatest photo's of our youth in action! 

Why We in FNE Choose to Receive Communion on the Tongue

FNE is proudly and uniquely a Catholic faith-based Christ-centred youth movement. Together we diligently work together to help our youth grow in their faith, to be more willing to love and serve the Lord all within the teachings of our faith.

We help our youth discover, appreciate, and value the beauty of what God has made both within nature and amongst one another as people as part of our daily lives. We teach our youth to love and respect others regardless of creed, culture, or colour.


An Experience of a Lifetime - Eurojam in Normandy France!

Eurojam – Proof of a true brotherhood and sisterhood

Once every 10 years or so our larger home movement known as the FSE calls together Explorer Troops from all 21 member countries to come as a family for a once in lifetime experience called Eurojam.  Euro means European and jam means jamboree… a term made popular by the founder of our program method Lord Robert Baden-Powell. 

Remembrance Day for our Youth

Paying respect to our War Dead 

In our busy world with its many demands and distractions including the ever increasing noise from social media in may be hard for many a youth to “Remember” to care, and to pay respect.   Remember what you may ask… to remember the many young men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives in WW1 and WW2 along with the battles in Korea, Afghanistan, on Peace keeping missions and sadly recently even here at home.

Explorers of the faith - article in the Florida Catholic Newspaper

Explorers of the faith

Federation of North American Explorers mix camping, faith and fun

Friday, September 05, 2014
Angelique Ruhi-Lopez - Florida Catholic

Otters participate in a game involving strength and teamwork during a May campout at Bill Sadowski Park in Palmetto Bay.


Federation of North-American Explorers - your personal invitation



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