1st El Camino Real Timber Wolf Den Promise Ceremony!

Timber Wolf Promise Ceremony with the 1st El Camino Real Timber Wolf Den!

Akela:              TIMBER WOLVES…. DO YOUR

All:                  BEST

Akela:  (to the sixer of the tender pad ):  A boy committed to your six wishes to

become a timber wolf lead him to me.  (The sixer leads him to Akela

walking outside of the circle, holding him by the shoulder.)

Akela:              Do you think he may become a good timber wolf?

Sixer:               Yes, Akela.

Akela:              Thank you (sixer's Christian name).  The sixer salutes and goes back to his



Akela:              (to the tender pad): What do you want?

Tender pad:     To become a timber wolf

Akela:              Why?  

Tender pad:     To become a good explorer and a wayfarer explorer later on.


Akela:              This is very serious.  Well, go and ask the timber wolves if they will accept you into the timber wolf den!.

The tender pad goes to each sixer, one after the other, walking outside of the circle, starting with the white six.  The timber wolves from the white six turn to face the tenderpad, holding each other by the shoulders. The sixer obstructs the way with his (her) left arm.

White sixer:     No admittance at the white six without knowing the law of the timber wolf


Tender pad:    The wolf listens to the old wolves, the wolf respects him(her)self and the

                       other members of the den.

White seconder: This is right. Since you know the law of the den, the white six accepts you. Try to get admitted at the black six.

The white six turn back to their previous position.  The other sixes turn around to face the new tenderpad in the same way when it is their turn to do so.

Black sixer:        No admittance at the greys without knowing the motto.

Tender pad:       Do your best.

Black seconder: Well, since you know the motto, the black six accepts you. Try to get

                          admitted  at the grey six.


Same play. The grey six made a reef knot with two strings they hold straight.

Grey sixer:         No admittance into the jungle breaking lianas:  untie this knot.


Tender pad:        (unties the knot and then says) That's it.

Grey seconder:    Well, since you know how to untie lianas, the grey six accepts you.  Try

                            to get admitted at the brown six.

Brown sixer:       Timber wolves have good manners and salute before coming in.

The tender pad salutes.

Brown seconder: All right.  Since you know how to salute, the brown six accepts you.

Akela:               Come back here.

The tender pad goes back to stand in front of Akela.

Akela:              Timber wolves, will we receive ... (mention here the timber wolf's –

Christian name) into the den?

All (shouting):   Yes, Akela

Akela:              Do you think he (she) will become a good timber wolf?

All:                  Yes, Akela.

Akela:             Do you promise to do so?

Tender pad:      Yes Akela I do.

Akela:             With all your heart?

Tender pad:     With all my heart

Akela:             But ... (timber wolf's –- Christian name) you can only stay in the

                      den only with your parents' permission.  So, go and ask them.

The tender pad goes to his (her) parents to ask their permission.



Akela:              As you are a Christian from the day of your Baptism, please go and ask

Father for God's blessing.


The tender pad goes and kneels in front of the Priest who blesses him (her), saying with a clear voice:


Father:                         May the blessing of almighty God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

           through the intercession of Our Lady and of Saint Francis descend

           upon you and stay with you forever.

Tender pad:                 Amen!

Akela:                          Now, trusting that you will at home, at school and within the

                                    timber wolf den you will be a joyful, obedient and honest timber

                                    wolf, you may say your promise.

The tender pad salutes with his (her) right hand, holding Akela's left hand, and says:


Tender pad:       I promise to do my best, to be faithful to God, my country, my

parents, to keep the law of the Timber Wolf Den and to do a good

turn for somebody every day.

Akela puts his beret with the red wolf sewn on it on his (her) head.  He/she shakes hands.  The timber wolf salutes the Father, the leaders and comes back in front of Akela.

Akela:  Now that you belong to (name of the unit) timber wolf den and that you have become a brother for all FNE timber wolves in Canada and in the world, the den will utter its great joy through the Timber Wolf howl in your honour. You will receive this honour only twice in your life: to-day, as we formally welcome you into the den, and the day when, being a two star timber wolf, you will no longer have anything to learn by us and you will leave the den to become an explorer.

In honour of the new little brother (sister)... the timber wolf stands and holds on to the honour  pole.  All crouch (except tender pads who leave their place, stepping two steps back) and utter the great yell. 


Ceremony closes with “three cheers” for our newest Timber Wolves!

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