3 Timber Wolves save life of a 2 year old boy!

In July of 2012, a family from the 1st North Star group was holding a summer party at their house which backs up to a lake.  There were many families, and many young children at the party, and as a rule, the little ones, or anyone going out on a canoe or kayak needs to wear a life preserver. Young 2 year old Gerry was wearing one that afternoon, but at some point, another child must have asked him if he could wear his and took it off of him.

               A short while later, the unthinkable happened.  Gerry was wandering down by the lake and fell in, where he proceeded to sink to the bottom.  Timber wolf Frankie Rooney saw the boy fall in but was across the lake and he alerted fellow timber wolf Abigail Hasson who was a little closer to shore and riding in a kayak with her brother and Otter Benjamin Hasson.  She remained calm and told her brother to stay in the kayak until she came back for him and proceeded to jump into the lake and swim to find the little boy who was now drowning. 

               She swam to the bottom and pulled Gerry up, though this was difficult for a young girl to do and swam to the bank with him, trying to keep him above water.  She pulled him ashore, and carried him to the adults to get help.  The boy’s grandmother saw them coming and said “Oh, here’s one of the girls with one of the little ones.” Not realizing the tragedy that was occurring.  Abigail’s mom was watching and saw Gerry’s blue lips and that he was wet and not moving and called for help, getting the Gerry’s father who is a police officer.  Abby gave the boy to his father who proceeded to administer CPR and clear the boys lungs.  He had been underwater for a couple of minutes and they feared the worst.  The boy came to as his father resuscitated him and the boy’s mother rushed him to a nearby hospital to be examined.

                Abigail then swam out to the kayak to bring her brother safely back to shore, and he had remained calm and stayed in the boat as he was asked to.  She was a little shaken up after the fact, but she kept her head and acted without hesitation in a life threatening situation. 

                Gerry, by what seems like a divine providence, had no brain, muscle or any other damage from the accident.  Being under that long, the doctor was a little surprised but pronounced him well.  He was bouncing around and remembered going into the water, and going to sleep there.  Thanks be to God that he is well and happy and a family is whole because of the brave actions of a couple of our FNE timber wolves and an otter. 

                The family came to a meeting in September to formally recognize the trio and thank them for their role.  Gerry’s father told the story of what happened to the rest of the timber wolves and presented Abigail, Frankie and Ben with lifesaver medals and a certificate to recognize their action. 

                We at the 1st North Star group of the FNE would like to acknowledge Abigail Hasson, for her bravery and action and saving of a young boy’s life, Frankie Rooney for watching out, being alert, and alerting another to make the rescue possible, and Benjamin Hasson, for remaining calm and doing his part to make sure that the rescue could take place. 

Gerry’s father tells the timber wolves the story of what happened.  Gerry, and his mother, and sister are in the background.







1st North Star Lahini white sixer, Abby Hasson receives her medal and certificate from Gerry’s father for her heroic actions.







1st North Star Sura Timber wolf Frankie Rooney receives his medal and certificate for his heroic actions.










1st North Star Otter Benjamin Hasson receives his medal and certificate from Gerry’s father.






To honour our brothers and sister, we asked them into the center of the circle, saluted them, and did the timber wolf howl.






Gerry in his mother’s arms along with his father and our three heroes, Abby Hasson (left), Frankie Rooney (center) and Benjamin Hasson (right).


















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