Battle of the Mighty Warriors

Battle of the Mighty Warriors - A great Timber Wolf Adventure at Summer Camp!

At some time, almost every Timber Wolf dreams of being a fierce warrior - perhaps in the jungles of India with Mowgli the little Timber Wolf, or in the jungles of Africa, or right here in North America many hundreds of years ago.

As in years past we often give our Timber Wolves a chance to follow these dreams by running an exciting afternoon long program with a Warrior Day theme! Last summer we divided our Timber Wolves into two groups of warriors - one led by the great Chief-Full-Of-Bull (and I don't know why they wanted to share this honour with me - Akela!) and the other by the great Chief Bald Eagle. Our young warriors found the names very appropriate !

With drums beating and warriors cheering, the great chiefs made their entrance. "We have been at odds for many moons", Chief-Full-Of-Bull announced when the fanfare died.

Chief Bald Eagle glowered. "We have a plan" he growled fiercely. "To avoid bloodshed, our warriors will compete in a number of contests to determine, once and for all, who will control the area!"

The young warriors whooped and cheered. Chanting and strutting, each chief stirred his forces into mounting states of excitement and readiness for the contests to come. And then the tribes dispersed to their respective parts of the jungle to prepare themselves by donning war paint. Their aim; to present such a fierce image that they would completely demoralize their opponents through sheer terror!

Stripped to bathing suits and running shoes, (with adequate amounts of sun screen and bug spray in place before hand) the young warriors submitted to the water-paint artistry of their leaders. Some of them weren't happy with the results, so they painted each other. Finally, they painted their leaders and great chief (it took only two days to remove all the paint from the great chiefs)! When both tribes were ready, they met in front if independent judges for a verdict on which tribe looked fiercer overall... and boy it was not easy to make the right choice!


We organized the brave warriors into twice as many groups that we had events to ensure head-to-head competition for each contest. When it came time to cycle to the next event, opposing teams moved in opposite directions so that each group competed against a different group every time. The contests ran for about eight minutes, and teams had two minutes after the signal (a whistle) to move to the next event. Two leaders supervised each event. Examples of events included:

Archery Contest

Equipment: roped off area; two bows; six lightweight arrows, with points removed; two targets with balloons on the centre of each; paper and pencil.

Each Timber Wolf took three shots per turn and kept his score. The cycle continued until time was up and, at the end of the session, totals for each team were added and recorded.

Lasso Throw

Equipment: two pre-tied lassos; two stakes a targets; paper and pencil.

From a marked line, Timber Wolves tossed the lasso in an attempt to rope the target. Each success earned five points. They continued until time was up and recorded the point for each team.

Burn the String

Equipment: suitable fire lighting area; string; four small sturdy sticks; water; buckets; matches.

Each group of warriors gathered wood, and using a maximum of two matches, attempted to light a fire under the strings tied between two sticks. The total time from when they gathered the wood to when their fire burned through the string was recorded.

Tomahawk Throw

Equipment: field marked out in point values; the ends of two broken hockey sticks.

Each warrior threw the tomahawk at the target area three times, taking his score from where the missile (tomahawk) landed. At the whistle, they recorded the point total of each team.

Mini Spear Throw

Equipment: six darts and two backups; two dart boards, one balloon on each.

Taking three shots per turn, the warriors tossed darts at the target, scoring according to the points on the target. A burst balloon earned an extra five points. They continued until time was called and recorded each team's point total.

Jungle Hunt Wide Game

For the final competition of the day, the opposing tribes of warriors hid five animal cards (Skunk, Wolf, bear, Deer an Fox) in their respective jungles. The rules stated that they had to hide the cards so that they were in clear view of someone standing within a radius of 1.2 meters and placed not higher than 1 meter. Non-participating warrior leaders checked to ensure that the rules were followed. Upon a given signal the warriors poured into the other tribe's territory to find the animals.

The first tribe to return with all five animals earned 100 points. The opposing warriors were awarded 15 points for every animal found up until that time. Whoops of excitement met the announcement of the final point totals, and yep, it is true that the losing chief paid the penalty! That's right... good old Chief-Full-Of-Bull himself walked the plank, thus taking an involuntary swim in the lake!

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