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Sahi Timber Wolves Participate in Swearing-in Ceremony for New Canadians!

Our Timber Wolf Promise states in part and we quote "To be faithful to God, my Country..." one summer some 12 Timber Wolves had an opportunity to participate in a very special ceremony!

Some weeks prior we received an invitation from the then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and our current MP for Thornhill the Honourable Elinor Caplan for a small group of our Timber Wolves and some of their leaders to participate in a special swearing in ceremony for some 60 new Canadian citizens with Judge Sigmund Reiser presiding.

We accepted this special invitation without reservation and were very appreciative of the opportunity. The Minister herself was present to participate in this special swearing in ceremony also taking the opportunity to formally welcome our newest Canadian citizens on behalf of our federal government to Canada! These lucky people who where just sworn in as Citizens of the best country in the world - Canada - enjoyed very much this very special and solemn occasion!

The Honourable Elinor Caplan Welcomes Timber Wolves Participating in the Ceremony

Other honoured guests included Susan Kadis Councillor for the City of Vaughan, (now the MP for Thornhill), Bill O'Donnell now the Regional Councillor for the Town of Markham, Mr. Mike Cote representing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (in full RCMP dress uniform), an honour guard from the 78th Fraser Highlanders and from our Native Canadian family members of the Spirit of the People.

Our Timber Wolves participated in citing the solemn "Oath" of responsibility that parties who wish to be a Canadian Citizen pledge followed by the proud singing of O'Canada in both of Canada's official languages - French and English. It was a very moving and rewarding experience for all of the participants.


Helping to hand out Citizenship pins after the Swearing-in Ceremony


Three of our Timber Wolves took their place in front of the honoured guests and new Canadian citizens to share with them what it means to be a Canadian. For these three Timber Wolves it was their first ever experience at giving a speech to a large group of people, both adults and youth. We would like to share with interested visitors to our web site the contents of their speech as to what it means to these three Timber Wolves be a Canadian Citizen!

Speech # 1

Good afternoon. My name is Michael T and I am the Mowgli of the 1st Four Arrows Sahi Timber Wolf Den. I have been asked to describe what it means to be a Canadian.

Canada is the best place in the world to live in, according to the United Nations. Canada has the longest undefended border in the world. Canada is a land of beautiful mountains, sparkling lakes, green pastures, rolling farmland, kilometers of seacoasts, hectares of forest and cities and towns. The changing seasons bring us a variety of weather, which adds to the enjoyment of our land.

To be Canadian means to have the freedom to choose your friends, where you want to live and to decide what you want to be while observing the beliefs and ways of others. As Canadians, we must respect our differences whether those differences are of language, religion or culture. Canada offers all its citizens an equal chance to play a part in its government and in the decisions which are made. This is not true in many other countries in the world. I believe that this is very important.

I am very proud to be a Canadian and to live in this wonderful country. I hope that you will also enjoy this country and what it means to be a Canadian.

Speech # 2

Hello, my name is Jonathan G and I am a sixer in the 1st Four Arrows Sahi Timber Wolf Den. I would like to share with you what it means to me to be a Canadian.

It is good to be a Canadian because you have a choice on what religion you would like to be, we are also one of the nicest countries, whether you are talking about good places like the CN Tower or the Air Canada centre, or if you are talking about the nice people that we have.

You also have a choice on the things that you like to do, there are no slaves. Our education is excellent to help you with reading and writing. If people do not have enough food there are food banks where we can donate food to help other people.

Every Canada day we celebrate the fact that we are a just and proud country! And that is why I want you to be a Canadian. There is also not much pollution. If you like sports we have hockey to enjoy or basketball and many others. I am very happy that you have chosen to be a fellow Canadian citizen! Welcome to the best country in the world!

Speech # 3

Hi, My name is Kristopher T and I am a Timber Wolf in the 1stFour Arrows Sahi Timber Wolf Den and I am a Canadian. I love being a Canadian. All of the people can stand up and be proud. Canada is a peace loving country. No guns, lots of religions. No wars in Canada.

You have lots of decisions to make and choices. No one bosses you around. People guide you to do the right things. We have lots of food. I am proud that you are a Canadian!

It is the safest country, you can learn neat stuff and have a good future just like me. In Canada we have no work camps, we can choose our own leaders, all types of people can show off the things that they like to do in their own way.

We are a friendly country, so to all you people out there, like you I am proud to be a Canadian! Thank you.


A Timber Wolf speaks to ceremony participants

As a future objective... we would like to participate in Canada Day July 01stCelebrations in some sort of a meaningful way - stay tuned - details of our next adventure to celebrate being faithful to our country to follow!

At the end of the day, the Timber Wolves bid the Minister goodbye.

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