Dove Explorers camp at Wye Marsh.


Despite of common perception that there is nothing to do in winter, Dove Explorers proved it wrong; winter is wonderful, charming, and welcoming at Wye Marsh in Midland, Ontario.




We spent two days there and don't ask what we did, ask what we didn't do. Playing, hiking, cooking, eating, praying, and feeding the birds are just few to list. 

We spent many hours outdoor learning, playing, exploring, and observing nature. It was unforgettable! One of the most unforgettable experiences was having trustful chickadees eating from our hands!



Girls and leaders enjoyed the educational programs run by Jill and the birds of prey show with Mike Wye Marsh leaders. 

As a part of Eurojam training, we played many team building games and had to learn to trust one another. In one game, had our eyes closed, but needed to fall into our partner's arms. In another game, we lined up from youngest to oldest without talking! What a fun!


In a cozy lodge with burning firewood, singing prayer songs and learning seven sacraments were very heartwarming in the winter evening. We even worked in teams to build small models with sticks and ropes.



Being outside for two days, learning about nature, cooking delicious meals, and spiritual sense made this trip memorable for the whole group. 



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