Expansion of the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) Movement


FNE is proudly a member of the Union internationale des Guides et Scouts d'Europe (UIGSE) also known as the FSE (Federation Scouts of Europe). We are not associated with any other youth organization. Our larger movement has also been granted canonical status by the Holy See as an “association of the faithful of pontifical right.”

Photo: 1st El Camino Real Explorers from southern California setting up camp for the night.

Expansion of our Catholic faith based FNE movement is undertaken carefully and on a small scale basis with quality before quantity being a key factor. We seek out the right leaders who will ensure the sustainable success of a new FNE group while ensuring that the quality of the FNE program is never compromised or under delivered.


FNE, its name, symbols, manuals, programs, affiliation are copyright and trademarked. Examples terms such as  "Love the Brotherhood"  and"Semper Parati" are specific to FNE.  No one is authorized to speak on behalf of FNE other than its General Commissioner or his authorized delegates, nor is anyone authorized to start up an FNE Group or Chapter unless authorized beforehand by the FNE General Commissioner.  Please contact us at info@fneexplorers.com for further information.

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