Explorers and Nature

One way to truly appreciate the beauty of animals that the Lord has created is to see them up close and personal... to "explore" the beauty of nature as always in a safe, constructive and respectful manner as illustrated in the photos below.





Brave timber wolves see and hold a super large spider upfront without fear!

Look "Ma"... the 3 of us can hold the baby python boa... just like KAA in the jungle book!

This frisky Kangaroo put on quite a show for all present... their rear legs and tail are really powerful!

The beauty of a Canadian Fox... this one has been raised since birth in a Zoo, don't try and do this with wild foxes at camp!

Look Ma, I am not afraid of this large member of the lizard family that is sticking out its tongue to me!

A Lemur comes to visit as illustrated in these 3 photos!

A member of the Leopard Family... very fast,strong and when she hissed... my what sharp teeth you have!

So in the end did the timber wolves and explorers enjoy the visit of these unique animals? 

You be the judge!


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