Faith = happiness, faith = love, faith = joy and faith is awesome!

Timber Wolf thoughts and reflections on the meaning of faith and how they reach out to show Jesus their love for him....

"Faith is happiness, love, friendship with God, playing, singing to the Lord and going to Mass every Sunday."

"Faith is to believe in God. For me faith is a bigger word for believe. To me faith means that you have a trust in someone."

"Faith means a lot to me. Faith in Jesus brings me joy. My faith in Jesus has changed me so much. I’m happier and more calm. My faith has brought me closer to Jesus. Whenever temptation appears to be too strong I pray Jesus to help me. Faith has brought me achivements. Faith is like a trophy!"

"Faith = happiness, faith = love, faith = joy and faith is awesome!"

"I can show Jesus my faith by going to church, praying, following the 10 commandments, not listening to Satan and resisting him. I can show Jesus that I love by saying “I love you” and to do what he wants us to do (especially praying), do what is right, follow the rules who are Christian even though others might kill me if I do so (I shall sacrifice my life if I need to)."

"Jesus I love you!"

"My faith means to have friendship with God and go to church, pray every day, trust in him when I am in trouble."

"My faith means to believe in God and believe that he will help me when I most need it. A way to show that I love Jesus is to give a donation to the poor and to go to church to worship and praise him."

"Faith is the gift of relationship with God."

"I will do these things to love God more.... I will pray more, go to confession more often and also go to Mass more often."





"I think that God is the king of kings, he is the only God and he forgives my sins."

"To me faith is being a good timber wolf and helping people in my six. It also means helping my classmates when they do not know something."

"Faith is God who is love. I can show faith by praying and doing good and showing that I care for others so that others will also convert to being a Christian. Mass - body and blood of Jesus. I also show faith when I go to Mass but most of all I need to stay away from sin."

"Faith is a path to go to heaven and it is a shield around temptation."

"God - I would respect him and LOVE him."

"Believing is love."

"Faith means to forgive people if they said something wrong or if they use physical contact like using fists and legs, so you should forgive insead and to get close to God."

"I think faith means to listen to God or Jesus... I love you Jesus... and I can hear Jesus say - I love you too!"

"I love God with all my heart... and you shall love one another!"


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