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Timber Wolves want to have fun, blow off steam in a healthy way, and tackle challenges within their reach. Games are but one FNE Timber Wolf program element we use to help meet objectives as originally designed by Lord Baden-Powell. Our Timber Wolves have a great time when we run games with a few guidelines in mind that we state here for the benefit of the adult leaders:

  • Keep them simple
  • Make explanations short and to the point. We often will have some of our Timber Wolves or leaders demonstrate games
  • Use all available leaders to supervise and help run games
  • Cheer on all players
  • We establish an encouraging atmosphere that will let our Timber Wolves know that our only expectation is that they do their best, play fair and have fun
  • End a game while everyone is still enjoying it
  • Play different games every week and save favorites for special events or treats

The number of game choices available to a group can be mind-boggling. From the leadership team of the 1st Four Arrows Group Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) (Sahi Timber Wolf Den) we would like to share a few favorites:


Our Timber Wolves sit cross-legged in a parade circle around a bag of cast-off clothing, wigs, masks, funny hats, etc. A leader with a whistle stands outside the circle with his back turned to it. Start a ball passing from Timber Wolf to Timber Wolf around the circle. When the leader blows the whistle, the lucky Timber Wolf holding the ball dashes to the clothing bag in the center, plunges in an arm, pulls out the first garment he touches (no peeking), and puts it on for the remainder of the game.

Play until time is up or the bag is empty. If you like, make a rule that players can dig into the bag only once. The Wolves have even more fun when leaders play with them, especially when the leaders are caught! After the game, you might want to try some play-acting by giving the costumed Timber Wolves time to get together to make up a little skit for the entertainment of the den.


Here's a quiet game to play in sixes, each with a leader who monitors progress and announces success. Print the scrambled words on a sheet and make a photocopy for each six. Have the sixes arrange who will be their scribe and encourage them to keep their voices down so that they don't give away the answers.

Here's a "jumble" of Timber Wolf related words that we have used in the past:

LKAEA ( Akela ), DBAEN-LWLEOP ( Baden-Powell ), LXPEORESR ( Explorers )

AKA (Kaa), OLOBA (Baloo), IWMGLO (Mowgli), NDE (Den), REWOLFDER (Red Flower) DRAAW (Award), UAYO (Yaou ), TSNAI SFIRCAN (Saint Francis), TBNAAUSS (Baussant) ISHA (Sahi).


In another quiet game, give each group a copy of "O Canada" with the lines in incorrect sequence. Their job is to figure out the correct order and number the lines accordingly. Again, assign each group a leader who cannot help them but verifies their work and yells our " Winner " if they are successful.


Gather together a selection of articles you think most Timber Wolves will have some difficulty identifying - specialized tools, kitchen gadgets, hobby materials, or mechanical parts. Circulate them one at a a time from group to another, giving each a specific time to write down what they believe the article is or what they think it is used for. At the end of the game, each leader checks for the most correct answers to determine who the winner is, but you can have a lot of fun with some of the guesses, too!



For this active game, you need four hockey sticks, a piece of cloth, and two chairs. divide the pack into two equal sized teams and ask them to line up facing each other at opposite sides of the room behind their team's goal (a chair). Starting from opposite ends, number off the Timber Wolves in each team. Place the hockey sticks and the cloth in the center of the room.

To play, call out a number. The two Timber Wolves with that number race to the center, grab two hockey sticks each and use them to try to catch the cloth and place it between two legs of the opposing team's chair.

Supervise the game carefully to ensure the players keep sticks down below waist level. No tripping, checking or unnecessary body contact allowed.


You need two chairs and a volleyball or basketball. Place a chair against the wall at each end of the room and organize the den into two teams. To help distinguish between teams, ask one team to remove or wear their neckerchiefs backwards.

Each team chooses a goalkeeper and sends him to stand on the opposing team's chair. The objective is to get the ball to their goalie. To start, call a Timber Wolf from each team into the center and throw up the ball. A Timber Wolf holding the ball may take three steps before passing it to someone else. The others keep moving in a effort to catch or intercept the ball. Again, supervise carefully to ensure fair clean play. No tripping or body checking allowed.

Outdoors, our Timber Wolves really enjoy EGG TOSS. We save it for late spring or summer camp where they can wear their bathing suits. Another favorite is SLEEPING PIRATE. We play with the den sitting in a parade circle and the pirate sitting in the center guarding a set of keys.

The Timber Wolves enjoy two variations. In one, the pirate is blindfolded and has a loaded water pistol which he shoots towards the sound of the stalker approaching. We allow three shots for every approaching stalker. As a change, we sometimes play the game in the dark and give the pirate a high-powered flashlight to "aim" at the stalker.

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