FNE – a growing movement that positively impacts the youth and leaders entrusted to our care…

Some feedback from a couple of parents of FNE Timber wolves…

From a Mother after a Promise Badge for a timber wolf…  We would just like to thank you once more for last night.  As Samuel has put it on our way home "It was the best night ever!"  He was so proud of "being a Timberwolf now", and he just loved his beret! I believe that to him, personally, last night's special ceremony was a milestone achievement in his life.

Again, thank you very much for leading this service for the Lord, and for positively touching the lives of our children, in a Christ-centered way.

God bless you!   Bert and Mimi


I would like to thank you and the rest of the FNE leaders for the dedication, leadership and genuine care of the boys. FNE give me an opportunity to connect with Diego as a father to a son. Whether it's camping or just simply picking him up, we have shared experience to talk about as well as his own FNE journey. As you know, having 8 children can be challenging at times to give undivided attention to each one of them. 

I'm sure FNE will help Diego build his character with having to rub  with different boys with different background, the prayers - I noticed he's actively participating more at least vocally in our family prayers, and picking up the virtue of charity, obedience among others pretty well. It's just been few months but it's been quite a good ride. Thank you.  Ray

FNE Continues to grow as illustrated on this map of North-America:

Blue in operation or under development, yellow with dot - expected to start within 12 months, yellow only potential locations under consideration.  Welcome new members to our FNE family!



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