Girl Timber Wolf and Explorer First Ever Summer camp!

Forecast for 7-Jul-12 Thunderstorm --> Cloudy --> Clear Sky

Our first day of camp started with gray sky which was followed by heavy rainfall. Albeit this less than optimal weather, our group gathered at the Blessed Trinity Parish and attended mass together. When mass was finished, everyone had arrived.  Our entire group consisted of 3 leaders, 8 Timberwolves and 4 Explorers. 4 parent volunteers tagged along.

It was still pouring when we finally left the Church. The drive to the camp was not long at all. By the time we arrived at Kelso Conservation Area, the rain had already stopped; the sky was still overcast.

We went straight to our campsite. After the girls put the tents up with little help from adults, we enjoyed a very delicious lunch with sushi, vegetable and sandwiches.

After lunch, we walked to the boat rental area. One of the parents generously bought ice-cream for each of the girls in this very hot humid day. Afterwards, the Explorers rowed canoes and the Timberwolves paddled kayaks. For some of the girls, it was their first paddling experience. The girls had lots of fun. Some even played tag in their kayaks with Ko. We completed our water activities with a visit to the nearby beach. Not everyone swam; some enjoyed water-splashing and some enjoyed playing in the sand.

We walked back to the campsite to start our campfire around 6. The firewood that we bought at the campsite was probably damp from the morning’s rainfall and we had difficulty starting the fire. In the end, we managed to start the fire with some help from charcoal. Each girl had a chance to BBQ sausage, chicken wings and pork chop with their own BBQ fork. We also roasted corn and sweet potatoes. The dinner ended with S’moores. By 9:30, the campsite was pitch dark.

The next morning, we had a very nice surprised breakfast. The 2 parents who drove back home on Saturday came back from Toronto and brought us eggs, grapes, watermelon and yogurt for breakfast. After disassembling and packing up the tents, we had a very peaceful Taize prayer session in the shade of a line of very tall trees at our campground.

We then drove to Rattlesnake Point for a short hike which was followed by a picnic lunch.

Our drive back home to Toronto was delayed by the traffic jam, but we did arrive safely at St. Agnes Tsao Parish in Richmond Hill shortly after 2 p.m. Our group attended Sunday mass together. We were thrilled to find out that Father Hansoo Park was visiting the parish and was celebrating mass that day. We even received a special blessing from him after mass. We then drove back to Baythorn School where parents were already waiting for us. This marked the end of our first ever Girls’ Summer Camp!

We are very thankful to our Lord. The weather we had was perfect. Even though on Saturday, it rained in the morning and we were worried about more downpour all day long, it did not rain afterwards. The cloudy day spared us from a potential long wait at the park entrance and was perfect for our outdoor water activities. The bonuses were the clear sky in the evening and a very sunny day for us to enjoy the outdoor Taize on Sunday. Our parent volunteers had helped us immensely as well. Finally, being able to attend the mass celebrated by Fr. Hansoo, one of our spiritual directors, was another blessing we had.


Seek first God's Kingdom, and all other things will be given to you as well. (Luke 12: 31; see also Luke 12:22-31)

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