How to be a Good Timber Wolf by Angelica


Hi, my name is Angelica, I am a sixer in our Singum timber wolf den and I am 11 years old.  Last month Akela really surprised us when she asked us timber wolves, “How can you be a really good Timber Wolf?”




My arm shot up immediately to offer an answer, and Akela did not disappoint me by letting me answer the question before any of the other timber wolves!  As I stood up a silent hush fell over the Den, I could see my best friend Mary watching me very carefully to hear what I had to say.  Even Elizabeth who normally fidgets with her hands and feet stopped doing so to listen to what I had to say.  I was so proud that my sister Timber Wolves wanted to hear what I had to say.


My parents and even Akela have told me in the past, when you have something important to share with others think about what you are going to say before you share it, and ask yourself for things that are really important as to “What would Jesus do”?  Well I’m afraid to say that I didn’t do what I should have done; I simply started to talk with the thoughts that first entered my mind, thoughts that I thought would really make me look great, perhaps even important in the eyes of my sister Timber Wolves!

Here is what I said “Akela, that’s an easy question, you make sure that you have lots of fun and that you do your best to win games, which you play with your best friends, you make a cool craft at camp during free time and make sure that the other Timber Wolves stay away from what we have made.  During free time I can also sit quietly in my cabin to play with an electronic game, and to offer to lead the evening prayers such as the Rosary so that we can speed things up a little.  And lastly, the more badges that you have on your uniform, the better Timber Wolf you are as compared to others who haven’t even earned their first star”.

When I finished no one said a thing, the look on Akela’s face was one of sadness and disappointment.  Mary would not even look me in the eye and Elizabeth, well she went back to playing with her hands and feet, what I had to say had no impact on her.  Akela then offered these words of advice to me:

“Angelica, thank you for sharing with your sister timber wolves and the old wolves of the den your ideas, but what I heard you say is not the real you, the thoughts that you shared is not what it means to be a really good timber wolf.  Bagheera has written down your ideas, I would ask you to take them home and come back next week to let us know if you have changed your mind in any way.

I went home that night not quite sure as to why Akela wanted me to rethink my ideas.  That evening before bed I got on my knees to say my evening prayers and prayed to Jesus… “Dear God, its me Angelica, please help me to know what I should be doing to be a really good Timber Wolf.  Jesus I love you more than anything or anyone else.  Amen.”

The next morning I got up and on the way to school it seemed as if I could start to see and really understand what it means to be a really good timber wolf.  Soon I couldn’t wait until our next meeting as I really wanted to tell Akela and my sister Timber Wolves what I really knew from my heart as to what it means to ne a really good Timber Wolf!

Once we completed our opening prayers and  ceremonies Akela invited me to stand up and once again share my thoughts with my sister Timber Wolves and here is what I said:

“Last week I said some things that would not make a good Timber Wolf, I did not do what Akela and my parents suggested that I do – think before I speak and I also forgot to ask myself the question… what would our divine model – Jesus do if he was standing in my place.

So here goes, here is what I really think…

·         I can have lots of fun by making sure that all of my sister Timber Wolves are also having fun

·         Winning the game is not important, only that I encouraged all of you to join the game and to have fun and to know that we all did our personal best

·         That I try to be everybody’s friend and not just a friend to a few of my sister timber wolves

·         When we make stuff at camp like a cool craft that all of us can be part of the group and that no one is left out or left behind

·         Akela said no electronic games and stuff like that at camp or meetings… I now understand why…its much better to be playing with my sister timber wolves than me and a machine… to do so is to be selfish and I am missing out on why I am a timber wolf in the first place

·         Especially at camp before we go to bed or first thing in the morning we pray the Rosary together, I know now that we should pray the Rosary from our hearts, and that we should love spending time together as we grow closer to Jesus with the help of Mary while receiving many blessings.  Jesus said once… “Let the children come to me” and I want to grow closer to Jesus each and every day!

·         Badges and stars… Akela has reminded us that it is important that every Timber Wolf do their personal best in all that we do and that not all timber wolves can or will want to earn their stars and badges like I do… so being a good timber wolf is not measured by how many badges they have on their uniform.

As I sat down, I looked at Akela who now had a big smile on her face, she said to me “Angelica, thank you for what you have just shared with us as this is the real you, a real loving and responsible timber wolf – thank you and well done!  Your sisters will benefit with what you have just shared with us!”


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