How to earn my Promise Badge?


Timber Wolf - Earning my Promise Badge

Hi my name is Michael and I am a "Sixer" in our Timber Wolf Den. As the first sixer Akela and the other old wolves often ask me to help the newest Timber Wolves earn their promise badge.

Other Timber Wolves who are working on earning their second star like to help too. Akela asked me for my ideas as to how we can do a better job in helping new Timber Wolves really understand the stuff that they need to do before they can get their promise badge. "That's easy "I said to Akela, here are my ideas:

The Jungle book story is really neat. It would be great if the new Timber Wolves could hear parts of the story without the old wolf having to read straight out of the book. Could the older Timber Wolves not do a jungle dance for the new Timber Wolves to see and then learn? Could we use pictures of Wolves, Tigers, Monkeys, and Bears to help tell the story? Could we not make costumes of the key animals like Kaa, Baloo and Akela that we can wear to help tell part of the story?

You know learning how to do knots can be sometimes less than exciting. I really think that we should use some of the knots that we are learning how to do as part of a game, or a contest. It's also better if the leaders can use a story to help us better understand how to do knots - like the Slide Knot - can we not pretend to catch a small wild animal like a jack rabbit?

For the promise and the law, to help them memorize them why not make up a bunch of cards with the words on it and have the new Timber Wolves sort out the words into correct order?

For our Timber Wolf Patron Saint could we not make up a little storybook of our own that tells about the life of the saint and things that we can do as good Timber Wolves to imitate the saint? (For us as boy Timber Wolves that would be Saint Francis of Assisi).

Our promise song is really neat, but for new Timber Wolves there are a lot of words to learn! Why could Akela not record us singing the song to play back for the new Timber Wolves to hear, to help them learn how to sing the song, and not just to learn the words! That would also be less painful for the new Timber Wolves, as I know from experience that Akela is not a very good singer! We sing our Promise Song with all of our heart, while at least most of the time we do.

Our divine model as Timber Wolves is of course Jesus. I have thought about that a lot, and I am just learning how to pray to Jesus for his love and help. Perhaps our Pastor or another person could help us learn how we can as Jesus said "Let the children come to me", how do we actually go to him? I plan to ask our Pastor if sometime we could have a special celebration together of our faith for just us Timber Wolves. Perhaps then we can then better understand how as Timber Wolves we can ask our divine model - Jesus to watch over us, to love us, our Timber Wolf Den and our family at home.

Well I shared my ideas with Akela, and guess what Akela likes my ideas and will start using them the next time new Timber Wolves join our Den. Why not ask your Akela to do the same?

Your friend - Michael - Sixer - FNE Sahi Timber Wolf Den!

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