Joint spring camp Toronto-Ottawa dens

On May 31-June 2 two Timber Den's (1st St. Patrick located in Ottawa and the 1st four Arrows near Toronto came together to enjoy their long awaited joint camp! The rendezvous was held at a Polish camp named "Karpati" located near Barry's Bay located west of Ottawa and east of Toronto. 

Both timber wolf dens have been waiting for this great adventure for many months - finally the joint camp happened and what a great adventure it was!

The Toronto group arrived late 11 pm - but Ottawa's group decided to wait up for the arrival of their brothers to participate in our joint opening as illustrated below!

Early Saturday morning, after a heartily breakfast the Timber Wolves had more time to meet each other, explore the camp and play few games

Shortly afterward we raised our FNE Flags - one for our Ottawa Den and one for our Toronto Den!

Our joint timber wold camp was an immediate success as the boys from both groups quickly grew together as one happy family... as per our timber wolf pledge... We are the same blood you and I. Our first stop was an exciting visit to "Madonna House". Father Murray and Brother  Michael were waiting for us - we started our visit with a beautiful private Holy Mass.








"I am 3rd" - this is the main concept of people living at Madonna House. 1st is God, 2nd is your neighbor and then 3rd is yourself. This standard is used as a guide to make day to day decisons for those living at Modonna House... a great example for our timber wolves to contemplate!





After holy mass we went to explore the way of living at Madonna House along with various museum type displays located on the property. .

Our Junior leadershelped to set up lunch on the river shore. Food tastes so good outside!








After lunch we went to real farm - to learn how all some communities are still growing their own food.








We learned about making cheese, milk processing, feeding animals, and how to grow vegetables. 

Tired, we arrived back at our camp. Some boys went for refreshing swim in the lake. Keego our professional lifeguard kept an eye on our boys and leaders to ensure safety while of course having lots of fun.  The water was a little cool... but our timber wolves ventured out into the water anyway!  Soon after we held our best ever Camp Fire program. As disk fell so did the many bugs... so we escaped the attack of the bugs by going inside.













Every six presented their own skit - all of them where great! The skit by junior leaders was the best by far! Many thanks to Mang for organizing the Camp File program!

Before light went off leaders went to boys cabins and had talk about the days adventures... what did they learn and what did they like best and how can we become better timber wolves based on what we saw and experienced that day together? Lastly before lights out we prayed through song the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together. 

 Sunday morning dawned all too soon as the Timber Wolves rose for yet another exciting day while the Dad's present were working hard to prepare an awesome breakfast.

Thank you very much, fathers! The food was awesome! 






Right after breakfast we want for Sunday Holy Mass while also being invited to participate in the Corpus Christy procession - what an honor! As it was raining outside the procession was held inside of the church itself.




Afterwards we where all invited to parish hall - to socialize - we had many questions about our FNE program from many parishioners and even the clergy -  and yes - there was some interest to perhaps start up a a new FNE group in Barry's Bay!







Back to camp - we had lots of time to play our favorite games - "capture the flag" and "scavenger hunt".

St. Patrick den won the "scavenger hunt" as they were the first to find all 6 items!  Well done St. Patrick Timber Wolf Den boys!






Time was flying by fast - and all too soon the time had come to pack and hold closing ceremonies








Now, we are all waiting for summer camp - which is only about one month away.

See you soon, brave Timber Wolfs! 

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