Mini retreat at St. Augustine Seminary 2012


It was a cool morning when 44 Timber Wolves and Explorers gathered together to go for exciting adventure - to visit St. Augustine Seminary ( on a mini one day Pilgrimage. Its been a privilege for FNE to be invited to visit St. Augustine Seminary for some 6 years in the row!


At the time of the arrival a surprise was waiting for us : the seminarians who helped us last summer camp were waiting for us and prepared an exciting program!










Upon arrival we quickly stepped into the breathtaking chapel to visit Jesus present in the tabernacle to say hello and to ask him to help make this day a very special one in our spiritual journey as a Pilgrim to heaven. 


Upon arrival we quickly stepped into the breathtaking chapel to visit Jesus present in the tabernacle to say hello and to ask him to help make this day a very special one in our spiritual journey as a Pilgrim to heaven. 

Following our visit to the Chapel the timber wolves and explorers split up into two groups to view an interesting and interactive presentation on subjects such as... what is sin, what happens to our relationship with God when we sin, what is a venial sin vs. a mortal sin and how do we repair our relationship with God which in turn helped us all prepare for a sincere and forthright confession as we kneel at the feet of Jesus present through the Priest to hear the words of Jesus that our sins are forgiven and we can start anew...John 22-23...Jesus said to the Apostles after he rose from the dead..." Receive the Holy Spirit. if you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven."



Right after we’ve been invited for Adoration, interested Timberwolves and Explorers could go for a Confession - 3 priests were waiting to assist with Sacrament of Reconciliation! All who could go to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation happily did so. Thank you Lord!


For one of our Timberwolves, Misha, this was his very first time to go for Confession! What a special place! For sure this will be remembered by him forever! 


After Adoration we happily attended daily Mass with the seminarians and priests! What a special Blessing to celebrate Mass in such spiritual and beautiful place!



Next, we could for go for lunch! Parents of boys know that they are always hungry... and hungry there where... some of our timber wolves and explorers went up for second servings, even in a few cases for thirds! The homemade burgers, fries and soup was O so very tasty for all!





After lunch we get a special tour - so we could see how seminarians study and spend their free time! Benjamin, thank you for taking many great pictures at this time! We visited the chapel to better appreciate the meaning of the different stained glass windows, the coat of arms of the 12 apostles among other artifacts that helped us better understand and appreciate key facets of the faith. Many questions were asked and answered by the very knowledgeable seminarians leading our visit.












Next, Explores went to play hockey in gymnasium, at the same time Timberwolves could play in the adjourning open space frisbee, soccer, baseball, and many other games on such a beautiful and warm day on this last day of March!









Our retreat, packed with excitement and joy was coming to the end, and just before we departed home - we had Deacon Chris (who will be ordained a Priest in 6 short weeks) talk about what is means to be deacon or priest. His story as to how he heard the call from the Lord to be a Priest was informative, interesting, exciting and at times full of laughter and joy.


Our Explorers and Timber Wolves had many questions for Deacon Chris... more then what the time allowed... next visit we will have to allow more time to answer the many deep and interesting questions posed by the boys.  They where all very attentive and engaging.


Before the mini retreat drew to a close we made another visit to Jesus in the Tabernacle by kneeling at his feat to recite a series of prayers with sincere heartfelt love, awe and appreciation as we thanked the Lord for the many blessings that he bestowed on us all, and to tell him this in clear and in certain terms... I Love you Jesus!


The moment to get home came, and we all had to come back to our daily duties. St. Augustine Seminary, will see you next year! Thank you!


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Apr 4, 2012

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