A prayer to Jesus by FNE Timber Wolves

A prayer composed by FNE Timber Wolves at their November 2013 retreat:

Thank you for all that you have given to us, for Eucharistic Adoration and our retreat.  Thank you for our abilities and talents and your love.  You show us your love by dying on the cross for us, to give us parents and siblings and friends and relatives and families and love.

We are sorry for all of our sins and we are anxious to go to confession tonight to be cleansed and to have our sins forgiven.

Please help us and give us a safe trip home and the ability to love others.  We ask you for good health, and that we love you more than anyone or anything.

Please help us not to fall into sin and help us to grow and spread our FNE family.  Thank you for all of our lives and for our parents.

Thank you for everything including nature, animals, family, friends, enemies, entertainment and kindness.  Thank you for all the nice opportunities that you have given us.

Please have mercy on the souls of those that have died and the poor people in the Philippines.  Thank you for tomorrow and our future.

Thank you for forgiving us as sinners.  Jesus we love you by praying, confessing this night, we love your mother Mary, by being here today, attending Mass, to receive you in Holy Communion,  obeying our parents and leaders.  Jesus we can’t measure our love for you because it is so great.

With love from your FNE timber wolves, explorers and leaders.  


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