Real Fishing Show


A Summer Camp Visit By Bob Izumi of the Real Fishing Show

One of the things we try to do at our summer camps, is to have interesting guests that Timber Wolves and Explorers might enjoy. Summer Camp 2000 was no exception!

We were fortunate to arrange for a visit from none other than Bob Izumi, TV star of The Real Fishing Show. Many of the Timber Wolves and Explorers and leaders were familiar with Bob's show; for others, it was a new and unique experience to see him. For all, it was a memorable experience to meet him.

Not only did Bob Izumi come for a visit - he brought his whole camera crew and decided to make his visit part of one of his future shows. This caused great excitement amongst the Timber Wolves and Explorers, and as a result, they were on their best behaviour, and looked especially smart in full uniform.

Bob and his crew arrived in the early evening, stopping at our camp while on their way to a nearby fishing derby the next day. The Timber Wolves and Explorers and leaders were awed when Bob drove into camp with a huge blue, sparkling fishing boat and matching trailer in tow.

Once the boat and trailer were properly positioned, all the Timber Wolves, Explorers and Leaders gathered around to see and hear Bob.

"Back to Basics" was the theme of Bob's talk. He explained to us that you don't need real fancy equipment to catch fish. Something as simple as a small hook and worm can do the trick if it's a lot of fish you want.

Bob explained that, when he goes fishing, the first thing he wants to do is find out if the fish are in a biting or lazy mood. If the use of spinner baits and plugs doesn't get any results, he will then switch to slow moving and bottom-crawling bait, where a fish which is not particularly hungry, will be unable to pass up a tasty morsel slowly moving past its nose.

Bob showed the Timber Wolves and Explorers various casting methods - overhand, side-arm, a flick of the wrist - to be used depending on where one is fishing. His casting expertise amused the boys, as he cast accurately into small spaces amongst them from some distance away. He even offered to give the lure to anyone he hit with it - which he didn't.

After about 45 minutes, Bob opened the floor to questions, of which there were many.

Some Timber Wolves wanted to know about the boat that he brought. Bob gave a description of the boat and all its accessories. He also explained that at one time he owned 15 boats, many won in fishing derbies.

Bob answered many questions from the Timber Wolves and Explorers about how he got started fishing, where his favourite fishing spots were, the strangest thing he ever caught, and many many more.

After this, Bob posed for pictures with the whole group and with many individual Timber Wolves and Explorers. He also took the time to chat with and sign autographs for each and every person who approached him. It was a wonderful experience for the group, and we're sure an experience for Bob and his crew.

Before leaving, Bob was "treated" to a boisterous Timber Wolf Howl - standing in the centre of about 50 Timber Wolves, all performing the ceremony with loud enthusiasm. He and his crew then bid a fond farewell.

A few months later, we got to see our encounter with Bob Izumi, on his TV show. They even provided us with a video copy of that show, which we watched at one of our meetings. The Timber Wolves and Explorers really enjoyed seeing themselves on TV.

Look for highlights of our group with Bob Izumi on his Real Fishing Show, in theHappy Memories section.

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