Remembrance Day Ceremonies


Sahi Timber Wolves Participate in Remembrance Day School Ceremonies!

A large part of our program is centered around self development, pride, responsibility, and living our Promise and Law as part of our daily living.

To show respect, while also having the courage to be different, and to be proud that our boys are FNE Timber Wolves better than 80% of our Timber Wolves wore their full and complete Timber Wolf Uniform while in school. (track pants worn over uniform shorts while outdoors and removed while indoors so that full uniform could be proudly worn).

We sent our Timber Wolves to school that day with the following note in their hand to give to their teacher and we quote:

Dear Teacher:

If you receive this note on the day that your school will take a few minutes to observe Remembrance Day it is because your student is standing in front of you wearing his complete Timber Wolf uniform with pride.

We have asked our Timber Wolf to wear his complete uniform as a sign of respect for those who gave their lives so that we could be a free country today. It takes courage for your student and our Timber Wolf to wear his uniform while at school today, to be different, to be prepared to publicly show his pride and thanks as to the sacrifices made by many Canadian’s in WWI, WWII, and then again in later years.

Any support and encouragement that you could lend to your student and our Timber Wolf today would be most appreciated.  We would appreciate it if you could return this note with your initials to your student to acknowledge his wearing of his uniform.  He will then be asked to return this note to his Timber Wolf Den leaders to share with us his accomplishment and sense of keeping his Timber Wolf promise which in part states " be faithful to my country".

Our Timber Wolves reported back to us “positive feedback” as to their courage, to dare to be different, to stand up for what they believe in, to show that they respected and appreciated what so many Canadian’s gave for our country.

One teacher wrote her student the following note that we would like to share with you and we quote:

Thank you Geoffrey for wearing your uniform to school today.  It shows your commitment to your Timber Wolf Den, country and school!  You made a difference and a wonderful addition to our Remembrance Day assembly today.  Signed – J. Toy-Lammut.

From the 1st Sahi Timber Wolf Den leaders and boys – thank you Ms. J. Toy-Lammut for your support and understanding as it related to your student Geoffrey and our first year Timber Wolf! We are very proud of our Timber Wolves who had the courage to wear their uniforms proudly in school that day.

Other Timber Wolves reported being asked to stand at a school assembly to speak about the meaning of Remembrance Day in their uniform, while others where asked to carry the colours, our Canadian and Ontario flags into a school wide assembly to help celebrate Remembrance Day Ceremonies!

We are very proud of each and every one of our Timber Wolves who participated in this special event. We are aiming to increase our Timber Wolf participation rate to better than 90% in next years celebrations.

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