Street Patrol


Street Patrol - Feeding the Needy

by: Paul Ritchi

Twice every summer we head off downtown to meet those that are less fortunate then ourselves and to feed those who are hungry and in many cases need a little extra from those of us that have so much... while also practicing a little of what we stand for as a movement - to help and serve others while growing to be better people in all that we do, to follow the teachings of Jesus and that of our common faith.

The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny, warm but not too warm as members of our Singum girl Timber Wolf den, Sahi boy Timber Wolf den and our Eagle boy Explorer Troop headed off downtown one Wednesday evening in late July on the subway.

Our youth packed a large number of sandwiches, drinks, fruit and other goodies to offer to those in need. It wouldn't be too long before we found those who needed some food, or in some cases they found us as we joined in with representtaibves from St. Patrick's Parish on McCaul Street in downtown Toronto embark on this program every Wednesday evening during the months of July and August.

It was truly heart warming to watch our Timber Wolves and Explorers reach out to the people, to not unduly shy away, to be non judgmental, but rather to offer some kind words and gestures through the bundles of goodies that they put together while those who received the food being offered shared their profound thanks and often remarked "God Bless You". Did we make a difference at the end of the day... you bet... our Timber Wolves and Explorers learned a great deal, they returned more appreciative and thankful for what they have, they better understood that there are far too many people who have a very difficult life, who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis... and that even at their young age they can make a difference.


As Mother Teresa once said.. "As human beings there are very few big things that we can do to change the world, but there are many small things that we can do with great love to change the world" and that is the message that was well received and generally understood by many of our Timber Wolves, Explorers, parents and leaders.

Street Patrol Prayer

Father of all creation, by the sacrifice of your only begotten Son
You have united us as one family, brothers and sisters in Christ.

On this evening, as we walk through the streets of our city, We ask you, O loving God,
To bless our works of fellowship and care,
And grant us the Grace of seeing Jesus in those we serve.

We ask Mary, Mother of God,
to pray that the happiness of giving enter our hearts,
That the happiness of Faith be granted to us all.

May the Saints pray for us.
May the Holy Spirit guide us.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

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