Summer Camp

Timber Wolf Summer Camp at Camp Endobanah 2018 (see bottom of page for information on Summer camp for Explorers)


An Adventure for all FNE and FSE Timber Wolves

Dear FNE Timber Wolves and Explorers from North-America and for  interested boys or leaders from our brother groups in Europe:

We are pleased to announce our 19th Annual Timber Wolf Den and Explorer Summer Camp at Camp Endobanah! Last year's program was a great success, and we are working hard to make this year's program even more special!

Timber Wolves - Friday evening July 06th to Sunday afternoon, July 15th, 2018!

Explorers - August 17 to August 26 - will not be at Camp Endobanah

LOCATION for Timber Wolves: Camp Endobanah located near Norland Ontario near the intersection of Monck country road 45 and 35, at the north end of Shadow Lake.

  1. The Program
  2. Why Timber Wolves, and Explorers like to go to Summer Camp
  3. The facilities at Camp Endobanah
  4. Questions and Answers about Camp



Camp Endobanah in the summer is a great place to run a program focusing on safe enjoyment of the outdoors. We spend a large amount of time in and on the water, swimming, canoeing, or fishing. We have the facilities, and we have found that the boys like it that way.

We emphasize safety on land and near the water. Safety procedures start with the Buddy System, no boy can go anywhere near the water alone. Everyone must wear life jackets while in a boat, in a canoe, or even if he is standing on the shoreline fishing. Leaders along with a qualified team of lifeguards supervise water activities at all times.

We test all boys for swimming proficiency on the first day. Weak swimmers must stay in the shallow end of our swimming area. We offer swimming lessons for non-swimmers or beginners. Your son does not need to be a swimmer to attend camp. 

We structure part of the program to encourage the boys to cooperate in teams, to achieve certain goals, whether in a game or sports activity, washing of dishes, or keeping their sleeping quarters clean. We measure success based on individual efforts and not as compared to another boy.

Our Program

Although we are in the early stages of program planning, here are but a few highlights as to what Summer Camp is all about for our Timber Wolves:

  • Fun, lots and lots of fun
  • swimming
  • grat meals
  • Crafts
  • Messy Day / body painting (yes the paint comes off!)
  • Hot dog cookouts
  • Fireworks display
  • Skits, Saturday night live (a collection of skits by the boys and leaders)
  • canoeing and fishing
  • Campfire programs
  • Environmental Campfire programs
  • Playing in and building a fort
  • Wide games such as Capture the Flags or Capture the Banderlogs
  • Stories, great hunts in the Jungle, a great banquet feast prepared by the timber wolves!
  • Camp outings
  • Community service project
  • Board games
  • Table top games 
  • Animal tracking
  • Building shelters, building projects
  • Exploring
  • Guest speakers
  • Sing songs
  • Team building activities
  • Move up ceremony from Timber Wolves to Explorers
  • Theme events such as Warrior Day
  • Body painting (yes the paint comes off!)
  • Who wants to be a millionaire contest
  • Leader "truth" or "consequences"
  • Treasure hunt
  • Sandcastle building contest
  • Advanced outdoor skill sets for Explorers
  • Daily Mass, Confession
  • Stations of the Cross and Eucharist Adoration once each during the camp 


Mainly because it's a lot of FUN! Safe enjoyment of the water and the outdoors is a large part of our Timber Wolf program. In that sense, Summer camp at Endobanah is the ultimate Timber Wolf program experience. Even today we find that many a father has come back with his Son to show him that he went to Endobanah as a boy some 20 odd years or more ago! If, after all that time, they still hold fond memories of their Timber Wolf Summer Camp at Endobanah then so will your Son some 20 or more years from now !

First Year Timber Wolves want to come because they have seen and heard how much fun their Timber Wolf friends had the year before at camp. They like the pictures showing canoeing, swimming, crafts, games, treasure hunts, outings and adventure games of all sorts. Second and third year Timber Wolves come because they want to do it again as well as go on the special overnight 2nd and 3rd year outings.

Part of the attraction is being away from home. Proving to yourself that you can do things by yourself, trying to solve life's little problems on your own knowing that caring leaders and fathers are also close by to help, support and encourage.

Many a parent, particularly at the Timber Wolf level have remarked on the positive effect of camp on their Son's self-confidence and how much they have grown while away at camp.

We run our camp as one big family. We try to treat and care for each boy as we would for our own sons. We try to show that, as in our family, we care about each boy as an individual. And as in our own family, anyone can come to the adults for help on any issue at any time.

By living at camp, our Timber Wolves learn to get along, in limited quarters, with boys from different backgrounds, with different strengths, weakness, and aspirations.

From a faith perspective we offer daily Mass along with regular prayers, confession and our one Eucharistic Adoration session at the mid point of camp.



Youth groups have used Camp Endobanah since 1921. FNE groups use Endobanah on a regular basis, fall, winter, spring and summer. Situated on a peninsula of about 4ha (10 acres), Endobanah is bounded by the Monk Road, Gull river, and Shadow Lake. The privacy and size of the camp makes it the best camp for FNE youth of all ages in the province of Ontario.

The physical layout of the camp consists of a group of cabins used for sleeping and small group activities, a main lodge which serves as a meeting place and dining hall, and a fully equipped kitchen, capable of serving varied, high quality meals in quantities that our camp requires. We have our own baseball, soccer and playing field and water front, complete with adequate trees to explore around while at camp. Endobanah has running water, showers, a sauna, a hot tub along with the standard (newly renovated) sanitary facilities. The boys sleep in their own sleeping bags, on bunk beds furnished with mattresses. Adults sleep in their own similar type of cabins, or in their own tents.

Endobanah's location on a beautiful lake makes it an ideal base for water activities. The camp has a sandy beach and separate well-marked swimming areas for beginners and proficient swimmers. A diving board is mounted on a low-rise diving platform.

From the camp's location it is easy to supervise canoeing on the narrow, northern end of the lake. There are lots of fish, and some good spots to catch them. Under direct supervision of leaders and professional lifeguards, we have the use of canoes, paddle boats, rowboats, and a motor boat.



At any given time we have as many as 22 adults (leaders, fathers and full time life guards) in camp. About 16 will be directly involved in the program, the remainder run the kitchen, and takes care of camp administrative matters.

With the exception of our professional lifeguards, our entire staff consists of volunteers. FNE leaders along with friends of the group form the leadership team along with a team of fathers who look after meal preparation and other related support activities.

Transportation: Families (through car pools) to and from camp. Families are encouraged to join us for lunch and closing ceremonies on the last day of camp - Sunday July 15th.

Dietary or medical restrictions: A leader will be assigned to monitor campers with allergies, dietary restrictions, medication requirements or medical challenges. Please ensure that your Son's vaccinations are up to date.

Why Does Camp Last as long as it does? Experience has shown us that this time period is just right, both for our boys and leaders. There are so many things to do, so it takes all of the available time to undertake the many varies activities that we have scheduled for our Timber Wolves while at summer camp!

For Timber Wolves  - Is My Son Too Young For This Camp? For many years now, our experience has shown that our Timber Wolves of all ages are more than ready to enjoy and benefit from the Summer Camp experience! We take special care to anticipate the needs unique to each age range to ensure that your Son, along with all of the other boys enjoy their summer camp experience to the fullest degree possible!

Health and Personal Hygiene - We stress general health by serving nutritious meals, and making sure that everyone gets enough rest. The boys will shower every evening before bed in our modern facilities, we will see to it that they even use soap and shampoo too. To make the evening shower a little more fun, the sauna and our permanent 12 person sized hot tub under adult supervision, will be available for interested boys. Boys will brush their teeth daily and change their clothing - at least on a regular basis. Some boys would wear the same clothes for 10 days if we let them. We don't. Please label all clothes; it makes it much easier to get belongings back to their rightful owner.

What about Bed Wetting? This is not an uncommon challenge amongst boys of Timber Wolf age. No one makes a big deal over it. We check sleeping bags daily, and leave them out to dry, if necessary. If we know that there is a problem, we will restrict fluids, encourage the boy to use the facilities before going to bed, and if need be send some boys for a last minute bathroom visit after lights out.

First Aid and Medical Care - We assign one leader to be responsible for dispensing medication as instructed by parents or a physician. A medical doctor is only a 15-minute drive away. We have never had a serious injury at camp - we intend to keep it that way. Various leaders are fully trained in First Aid.

Visiting at Camp - Please, please don't. If you do, your son will feel obligated to get homesick, and some poor leader must convince him that life is still enjoyable and that he should continue to have a good time. Other boys may feel bad that their parent(s) did not come. It's only a relatively short period of time to be at camp. He will be fine. We encourage you to join us for lunch on the last day of camp, that's a great time for your Son to show you his gathered treasures (some have been known to include live frogs) , the cabin that he stayed in, who his best friend is and more!

What to Pack / Bring to Camp - Don't worry, you will receive a detailed check list of what to bring, and how to pack it well before camp departure date arrives.

Fees in Canadian Dollars  

Timber Wolves $439.00 in Canadian Dollars 


NB: Fathers giving their time to help at camp do not pay. Assistance: No boy should have to miss Summer Camp for financial reasons. Your Son's adult leader, if you wish, can arrange for whatever financial assistance maybe required.  Camp fee for a second member from the same family is reduced by $60.00. Reduced fee by an additional $15.00 if paid before April 01, 2018. Please make a checks payable to "Sahi Wolves", give to your leader along with the name and contact information and age for the camper or mail to Attn FNE National Camp, c/o 43 Bluesky Cres., Richmond Hill, ON L4C 8J2 Canada. 

Summer camp for boy Explorers - Thursday August 17 to Sunday August 26, 2018

Information for Explorer aged boys - ages 12 to 16!

Our Program

Although we are in the early stages of program planning, here are but a few highlights as to what Summer Camp is all about for our Explorers:

Fun, lots and lots of fun

  • A challenging wilderness camping trip
  • Camping as patrols
  • Mastering their cooking skills
  • Pioneering projects
  • A wide range of water based activities and challenges
  • Wide games that challenge our Explorers both physically and from an intellectual perspective
  • Advanced campfire programs that include singing, musical instruments, and acting
  • Orienteering challenges
  • Survival skills 

By living at camp, our Explorers learn how  to get along, in limited quarters, with boys from different backgrounds and countries, with different strengths, weakness, and aspirations.  This year we will be camping with 28 French Explorers who live in the Paris area.

Camp Fee is $449.00 CDN

Discount of $60.00 for the second Explorer from the same family.

Early bird discount of $15.00 if paid by April 01, 2018 per camper

No charge for leaders and fathers who help at camp. 

Please make the check payable to "Eagle Explorers" and give it to yoru group leader along with the completed form or mail them to:

FNE National Camp

c/o Paul Ritchi

43 Bluesky Cres

Richmond Hill, ON

L4C 8J2


Contact us for for details: link 

Camp facility informaton: link

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