Summer Camp - Prayers and Holy Mass - the start of our day

Each day our timber wolves and explorers (separate) gathered to start our day with daily prayers along with confession before all gathering together for Holy Mass. These photo's highlight some of the special moments that help convey our boys love and trust in our Lord.

Reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together!

Morning confession... every morning Father was busy as our boys enhanced sense of personal sin and the Lord's forgiveness so that they can start anew encouraged them to go to confession!  What an amazing gift.

Brothers from the USA and Canada praying the Rosary at our Lady of Fatima Parish in Minden on the first Sunday morning of camp... the local parishioners love to pray the Rosary with our timber wolves...

Prayers included our boys of all ages leaders and all present...

Trust that Mother Mary will take us to her son Jesus is deep and profound....

It takes courage for a 9 year old to get up in front of strangers to lead the Rosary for not only your brothers but also the members of the local Parish present at the 10.00 am Sunday Mass

Receiving Jesus in the Eucharist on our tongue and our knees to show our love and respect for Jesus such that we are one with Jesus and he is one with us.... Father here got on his knees to better give each timber wolf Jesus - thank you Father!

Jesus... it's me Dong Hwi... I am carefully listening to your each and every word...I am your child and I love you with all my youthful mind, heart, soul and body!


Lord... me and my brothers... we are anxiously waiting for you to come to us when we receive both your body and blood... thank you Jesus that you love us so much that you will come to us in a way that not even your Angels experience!!!

Lord - it is a true honour to be able to serve you by being an Altar Server... as servers have a special role to help Father during Mass... thank you Lord for picking me to serve you in this way!


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