Timber Wolf Girls Summer Camp

If you blend ¾ cups of milk with a banana and a few strawberries, you will surely get a cup of delicious strawberry banana smoothie. What do you think we would have if there were 12 Canadian Timber Wolf girls in a 5-day summer camp at Point Pelee National Park? Let me tell you! With our Almighty God as the ultimate mastermind, we had heaps of adventure intermingled with countless blessings.



Point Pelee National Park is the smallest Canadian National Park located in southwestern Ontario. In this 15 km, there is great diversity in the 5 different habitats such as marsh, beaches and savannah. It was a wonderful place to experience nature! During our short stay at the Park's Camp Henry, we were excited each time when we encountered our animal friends – wild turkeys, deer, rabbits, birds, frogs, butterflies etc.

During camp, we also went on many expeditions. We had all enjoyed our daily afternoon venture to Camp Henry’s nearby West Beach. When the water was calmer, our leaders let us swim in the cool lake water. On the days when the waves were fierce and energetic, we had much thrill jumping waves. The thrill we had was comparable to an exciting roller coaster! It was also fantastic to set foot on the southernmost point of mainland Canada. We even had a chance to play geocaching, a game that we played while using a GPS to guide us search for six caches located close to the Park’s Visitor Center. What’s more? Many of us had our first canoeing experience in the Park’s famous marsh!

Exploring, however, was not the only pastime we had during summer camp. You may be surprised, but we worked very hard too! Each six took turn to help prepare meals, clean and dry dishes as well as sweep our lodge and cabins.  In addition, each morning, we exercised to upbeat music for 30 min. Raksha said that she wanted us to become stronger. We first warmed up together. Then we worked in pairs while rotating to each of the six stations. At each station, we may be required to do push-ups, jumping jacks, shuffling etc. Aside from exercising, our leaders also gave us some basic first aid training. First of all, Baloo showed us what each first aid kit should have. She then demonstrated how to wrap a sprained ankle. Finally Akela and Raksha showed us how to make an arm sling with our uniform scarf and we got to practice with our partners!  Furthermore, we learnt basic woodworking, such as assembling a bird house with nails and screws. Boy, hammering nails was much harder than it looks! Luckily, the Timber Wolves who have more experience with woodworking helped the younger girls like me. Some of us even dared to cut wood with a saw! One of my sisters took much care in sanding the plaque that she cut; the edges were so smooth! Finally, using bamboo sticks and simple knots, each six constructed tripods and a rack that can be put together for us to hang dry our beach towels!


During one of our night prayers, Akela told us that things happen because of God’s careful planning. Indeed, our five-day camp was our Lord’s fine craft. Unlike the boys’ summer camp, we did not have any priests who camped with us. However, we still had the opportunity to adore Jesus, attend mass twice and go to confession. God sent many people to take care of us during our camp too! One of the fathers drove us to and from camp. He stayed there to help us resolve problems such as the smoke alarm that went off at night for no reason. The volunteer from Camp Henry also visited us a couple of times for the same reason. On the day when we canoed, we had just the right number of adults to rent 6 canoes for all 12 of us. In addition, staff at Point Pelee National Park was friendly and we had a very knowledgeable guide Kristine for our hike to the Tip. She told us many facts about the National Park. Furthermore, Martin Hafner, the FSE Federal Commissioner, and his wife also visited us during camp. I think that Martin and his wife are daring people because they visited the Tip in stormy weather! They were very fun to play with. Martin, in particular, showed us how the Timber Wolves in Europe would clap. There was endless laughter when we imitated them to clap with one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, five fingers…  Last but not least, my mom told me that God sent us good leaders who worked very hard to prepare and run the camp for us to enjoy!


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