Timber Wolfs a Real Neat!


Boy did I have a great time this summer, and you now, before I knew it, it was time to return to school - and boy was I nervous, going to a new school (St. Joseph) and all that.

And to top it all off, my teacher on my very first day in class told all of us kids that we had to give a speech about what we liked best about summer camp! And then she said that we had to bring something to school that we could show the others in the class that would help us tell the story about our favorite thing about the summer... but what could I bring that would help anyway?

That night at the supper table I told my parents about my assignment, and that I was nervous and not sure what to write about anyway. It was my dad that said "Jonathan, this should be an easy task for you, tell me what one event or tripdid you enjoy most this summer?". I answered - gee Dad that's easy - it was our FNE Timber Wolf Summer Camp! Then Dad said - "there you go - now you know what to give a speech about!" YES I said as I quickly put away my dinner dishes and then dashed up to my room to start work on my speech...

Three days later I found myself standing in front of my class, with a lump in my throat as I still didn't really know anyone yet.. to tell my speech to so here goes...

"Dear fellow students, when our teacher asked us to give a speech about what we liked best about our summer, it didn't take me very long to pick my topic - My FNE Timber Wolf Summer Camp - it was great! Why was it great you may ask... while there are a whole bunch of reasons, but for now I will share with you just the best ones!

At camp you feel that you are part of one big family, where Akela (that's the leader of our Den) and all the old wolves (the adult leaders... and they don't like it when we remind them that they are OLD) really care about us. I learned how to use a compass, build a fire to cook with, I earned my Swimmer badge and I started to work on my 2nd Star. We played neat games like capture the flag, we all went to mass together where I was an Alter boy in my uniform - and boy was I proud, we wrestled in the mud, I caught 11 fish, kept and ate one of them... and boy was that good.

One night we went on a hunt for the "banderlogs", that's the monkey people who have no law or order, we found evidence that they had dared to visit our Timber Wolf Den, but we scared them off with help from the old wolves. We found a real treasure (while it was real to us, lots of great chocolate and other neat stuff for us to share) and played all types of games like Scavenger hunt. We learned neat songs around the campfire and even covered our bodies with neat body paint top to bottom... it only took me 3 days to get it all off!

Being an FNE Timber Wolf is neat and fun, if you want to learn more about our great Timber Wolf program - just ask me. The end.

I then showed my classmates the badge that I earned, a couple of the things that I kept from the treasure hunt, a whole bunch of pictures that Akela took, and a craft that we made at camp.

Before the day was out Glen and James asked me to play with them during lunch break while John and Frank asked me more about Timber Wolves as they too wanted to join.

It's really neat to be a Timber Wolf - just ask me and I will tell anyone who is interested.

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