Toronto Pearson International Airport Runway Run - FNE helps out!

Federation of North American Explorers help with the Annual Runway run at Toronto Pearson International Airport!

Within our FNE movement we emphasize service to others, responsibility, fun all within an environment of “Exploring” the world around us in a safe and constructive manner.  With these goals and objectives in mind we departed bright and early (6.45 a.m.) to arrive at the busiest and largest airport in Canada Toronto Pearson.

What is a runway run… Toronto Pearson closes down one of its five runways, installs security barriers and check points and then allow better than 2,000 people to run either a 5K course or a 2K course in support of a local charity – Hope Air.

Hope Air specializes in transporting sick children and their parents or care givers from remote or smaller cities to highly specialized Children’s Hospitals for treatment for serious illness such as Cancer or Heart ailments.  It is good for our youth to contribute in some small way to help other children in need.

Volunteers at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority donate tremendous time and effort to plan, coordinate and deliver such a yearly event.  This year’s efforts reportedly rose better than $200,000 for the cause an awesome result!

Our FNE youth (Timber Wolves and Explorers) where responsible to:

  1. Set up and organize the event medals to be presented to all runners (better than 2,000!)

2.    Hand out the medals as runners streamed off the runway after their successful runs


3.   Hand our water bottles to the very thirsty runners on a cloudless hot summer day!

Did they have fun!  You bet they did.  Many of the runners not only said thank you but expressed their pleasure and admiration in seeing our Explorers and Timber Wolves provide this service for such a cause.

In between the set up and the start of the run our Timber Wolves and Explorers enjoyed their visit to a FedEx B757 cargo jet maintained and operated by a Canadian company on behalf of FedEx across Canada.  Who knows perhaps one day one of our youth may become a “pilot” or an “aircraft mechanic”.   Our boys had many questions as to aviation and flight… all in support of our “exploring” aspect of our Federation of North American Explorer movement.



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