A visit with the Saints – 1st Class Relic’s


Monday evening December 17 was an extra ordinary one for our FNE Timber wolves when Angie Carboni came to visit the timber wolves with a significant number of first class relics associated with a number of well-known saints.


Relics are physical objects that have a direct association with the saints or with Our Lord. They are usually broken down into three classes. First class relics are the body or fragments of the body of a saint, such as pieces of bone or flesh. Second class relics are something that a saint personally owned, such as a shirt or book (or fragments of those items). Third class relics are those items that a saint touched or that have been touched to a first, second, or another third class relic of a saint.

Scripture teaches that God acts through relics, especially in terms of healing.  In fact, when surveying what Scripture has to say about sacred relics, one is left with the idea that healing is what relics “do.”  

  • When the corpse of a man was touched to the bones of the prophet Elisha the man came back to life and rose to his feet (2 Kings 13:20-21).
  • A woman was healed of her hemorrhage simply by touching the hem of Jesus’ cloak (Matthew 9:20-22).
  • The signs and wonders worked by the Apostles were so great that people would line the streets with the sick so that when Peter walked by at least his shadow might ‘touch’ them (Acts 5:12-15).
  • When handkerchiefs or aprons that had been touched to Paul were applied to the sick, the people were healed and evil spirits were driven out of them (Acts 19:11-12).

In each of these instances God has brought about a healing using a material object.  The vehicle for the healing was the touching of that object. It is very important to note, however, that the cause of the healing is God; the relics are a means through which He acts.  In other words, relics are not magic.  They do not contain a power that is their own; a power separate from God.  Any good that comes about through a relic is God’s doing.  But the fact that God chooses to use the relics of saints to work healing and miracles tells us that He wants to draw our attention to the saints as “models and intercessors” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 828).

Of all of the relics the most special one had to do with Jesus with a small sliver of his cross… the one that Jesus died on.  Our timber wolves learned about the lives of some of the saints and how close there where to the Lord by doing his will, by placing their total trust in him and by praying frequently, sincerely, deeply and like a child from a “trust” and belief perspective.

We also reflected on the communion of saints which means the union which exists between the members of the Church on earth with one another, and with the blessed in heaven and with the suffering souls in purgatory or in particular the relics of the saints that we held in our hands on this a very special evening! 

When we ask our FNE youth as to what their goal in life is… most will answer without hesitation … to become an ordinary saint!

Our timber wolves where in awe and we finished the evening by singing a couple of decades of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

What a gift just before Christmas – thank you Angie for bringing these relics to us and thank you Lord for helping us grow ever stronger in our faith.  As we end all of our prayers we call out 3 times – “I love you Jesus”!


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