Why Am I an FNE Explorer?

Reflections offered by a number of our Explorers and in one case by a Wayfarer Explorer …

By Assistant Patrol Chief of Wolf Patrol - San – age 14

We live in a world where almost anything goes.  This makes it hard to see what is good and what is bad. However Christianity teaches people the crucial differences between good and bad.

However I personally found it hard to really believe in my faith.  I only went to church on Sunday’s and on other days I was somewhere else… not paying attention to what was really important.  However when I joined the timber wolves my attitude changed.

By joining FNE, I found motivation to follow and believe in God.  I originally joined because my friends David and Edward were there, and I stayed because I love God.  Nowadays, I stay not only because it motivates me to keep up with Jesus, but also so I can help others see what I saw so long ago, and so they can do the same.

By Ian age 14

This is no ordinary Scout movement, it is based on the Catholic faith where I can have fun with the same beliefs as you.  There are many opportunities for graces (i.e. Adoration, pilgrimages, confession) and I get to make friends and to participate in a range of survival skill building activities.

In August of 2014 we will go to France to meet our brothers in Europe some 55,000 members strong!  I gain great experience in both religion and physical activities while also learning more about our Catholic faith.  I love to get physical and have fun with my brothers while also getting out of the house.  I love to get closer to nature and learn important life skills and values including one on one sessions with one of the Priests that come and support our group.

Teamwork, cooperation, creativity and leadership along with being encouraged to use our imagination through team and trust building activities is really cool and fun. 

We laugh a lot and enjoy competing against our brother patrols.  I have become a better person both from a faith and from a society perspective while also being able to encourage others to include God in their daily life.

By former Patrol Chief of Grizzly Patrol - Tristan – age 17

I am a Wayfarer Explorer because not only do I love the movement and all of the values that it represents, but I am also tied to the people I have met through it.  To quickly discuss the values of the group that attracted me so, I must say that it has been the very rigorous yet tender approach to being moral and religious that I love.  To teach the youth about Christian values as well as Scripture and basic morality is such a good feature of the group that has helped me develop my character and become a better person.  This is something I must say I am thankful to the group for. 

To move on to the friendships I have made, I think that everyone in the group has been affected in the same way as myself, being that they have been able to take what they have learned from the program and develop themselves in their faith and in their times.  Moreover, these are wonderful people, kind, thoughtful, open and honest and caring, all characteristics that I think makes this group unique.  Last, I am a wayfarer explorer because FNE has become my second family, a family that I never want to leave.

By Antonio – age 14

I am an explorer because I believe that being an Explorer you become a better person in terms of teamwork, cooperation and responsibility.  I joined the movement honestly without knowing what I was getting myself into but I do not resent doing so. It has changed the last 6 years of my life as I have made friends and I believe that I would not be the same at all had I not joined.

I have learned enough to fill five textbooks.  I personally love going to camps and hanging out with my friends when I am at FNE.  I am not sure of the purpose of this essay, but if it is to persuade others to join, I definitely recommend doing so.  You develop yourself in character and help the movement grow.  It is a win win situation!

By Steven – age 14

An explorer is someone who adventures through the unknown.  This is the primary meaning.  However the Explorers of FNE exists for a different purpose; to serve.  I became an explorer when I was in grade 7 as friends at my home church St. Andrew Kim recommended it.

At first, I thought that FNE was a camping organization.  But as I joined, I realized that the main objective of our movement was faith.  Through this movement I was able to learn about my faith, more than any other time of my entire life.  I still have a long way to go; much to learn from others.  Until then I will pursue my faith; my God!

By Patrol Chief of Wolf Patrol - Dennis – age 15

I am an explorer for three reasons.  First to learn valuable skills of teamwork, caring, communication, and more which can be useful even after becoming an adult.

Secondly, I am an explorer because I desire to follow God’s words and grow in my faith.  This keeps me away from any negative influences in life (especially in teenager times).  Lastly, I am an explorer because I wish to spend my time with my brother explorers, as well as grow in my faith WITH them.  These are the reasons why I am an explorer; my desire to learn valuable skills, grow in faith and spending time with my brother explorers.

By Patrol Chief Tommy

I am an explorer as it will strengthen my leadership skills.  I now confident to express new ideas and I am able to stand out in my community.  It also strengthens my religion and faith.  FNE is a place and a community where everyone has the same faith.  We are able to learn about the faith and also talk about it among peers.  Finally because of the tight community we have, I have gained friends and some lifelong friends.   The 10th Explorer law is… An Explorer is clean in thought, word and deed.  This is the hardest law to follow.  There are many temptations of the flesh that boys are vulnerable to.  Also swearing and bad thoughts.  To prevent this, one must learn these things can harm.  It can endanger your work and your marriage.

By Jinsu

The reason that I am an explorer is because I enjoy camping and spending time with my brothers.  Through these things I get to have fun and learn new skills in my life such as making a fire, setting up a tent and surviving in the outdoors.  Through Explorers I also learn about my Catholic faith such as why Jesus died and the importance of the Eucharist.  Explorers are enabled me to travel around the world with my friends and learn about my faith more.  For example when I went to Italy I went to Vatican City and attended Mass and saw the Pope.

By Andrew

I am an Explorer because I love to pray to God and have fun.  Also I like Explorers because I love going to camps with my brothers and meetings.  Being an Explorer also helps me grow in my faith and teaches me things about God that I never knew before.  Also I like to spend time with leaders and brothers during meetings.  Through these things I get to have fun and learn new skill doing activities.  Also through the4se things we get to go to France in 2014.

By Mingu:

I am an Explorer because I enjoy coming to meetings and camps, to play, pray and learn how to do new things.  Also being an explorer has helped me grow stronger in my faith, and taught me valuable characteristics in my faith, and taught me valuable characteristics that I can put into action outside of FNE.  I hope to grow even stringer in my faith and to go to fun and exciting camps.

By Michael:

I am in Explorers because I need something to keep me strong in my faith especially because I am at an age where temptations are strong.  I am also in this movement so that I can end off my week with a small increase in my faith and so that I can reflect on my week.  I’m also in this so that I can keep away from technology for a while and get in touch with nature. 

By Jason:

I am in FNE Explorers because I like going to camps, playing and learning about our faith.  When we went downtown to feed the homeless it taught me poor people are nice.  I learn a lot about our faith in FNE.  I learned a lot of things I did not know before I joined.  I joined because 5 years ago I wanted to join something and learn about our faith.


Two Explorers explain what the 10th law meanswhen it talks about being clean in Thought, Word and Deed…




To be clean in thought is not to be just think about the temptations that Satan gives us but it is also to recognize these temptations. Because if you cannot recognize these sins how can we reject them? If we cannot reject these thoughts, we cannot be clean in thought.   

To be clean in word is interconnected with thought and deed because we first think then we say after saying we do.  In my opinion this of the 3 words is the hardest; because sometimes we hurt each other with our words and we never realize that the words we say hurt each other because if we thought we didn’t hurt him/her, we can never know.

To be clean in deed is not always recognized by others.  The only way we can be clean in deed is for the deed to indeed be unrecognized, because to be clean in deed recognized in the wrong way cannot be clean.

Do no commit adultery (accost of lust), do not cheat on spouse, treat our body as a creation of God and not a piece of meat.  Do not think hatefully and thoughts turn into actions so don’t think bad thoughts.

No vulgar language, not to insult others, not to gossip and do not talk behind someone’s back.

No acts of violence, don not bully, no physical abuse, don’t do things that create bodily harm such as smoking and drugs.


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