Yellow Fish Program

Within our Timber Wolf program we place a great deal of emphasis on looking after the environment, such that our Timber Wolves better appreciate the many beautiful things that God has made for us as a people to enjoy and benefit from.

Although this sounds like a great idea, taking effective steps at the Timber Wolf level such that our Timber Wolves can truly make a difference is a fair question, not only asked by the adults that work with our Timber Wolves, but also by the Timber Wolves themselves!

With this thought in mind we embarked on a program to look at what we could do together with our Timber Wolves to make a positive, lasting difference to our environment.

Here is how this unique program works and we quote:

Volunteer groups such as our Timber Wolf Den use stencils to paint yellow fish symbols beside storm drains. These fish symbols are a reminder to everyone that any wastes entering storm sewers go directly, untreated, to the nearest stream - a place where fish live. The wastes then flow to Lake Ontario, where most of us get our drinking water. While painting, our Timber Wolves delivered a yellow, fish-shaped brochure to each home. This educational leaflet explains what the fish symbol means, and how to properly dispose of hazardous household wastes.

One brief Saturday, we painted better than 500 fish!

The response we received from our community was a positive one. The Timber Wolves very much enjoyed undertaking this project. Even with gloves and protective gear, some of our Timber Wolves still managed to get a little yellow paint on either their person or their uniform!

Even after a tough winter we are pleased to report that our painted fish are STILL in place. Our Timber Wolves, and hopefully a larger percentage of our community, will now better safeguard our environment by not allowing unwanted fluids to enter the natural waterways through the local storm sewer!

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