Youth Forum at Radio Maria for FNE Timber Wolves and Leaders!

Within our FNE movement we continuously seek opportunities to embrace our five program objectives in all that we do. The centre of our program always has and will continue to center and evolve around God first followed by offering program activities that promotes  a sense of service, personal character development, a sense of participating in concrete things and finally health (physical and mental).


All five program objectives are accomplished through our once a month hosting of a “Youth Forum” at Radio Maria by traveling to the radio  station for a live on the air show.  The volunteer timber wolves and explorers arrive at the radio station with absolutely no idea as to what will be talked about on the show to thereby allow them to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and to go with the overall flow of the show... we have yet to be disapointed!




Jesus is present through the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle in the same room that we perform the show in so before the start of every show we take a few minutes to thank the Lord and to ask for his blessings to ensure that the show becomes what Jesus wants it to be.

Each show starts with us praying the Rosary for the intention of the Listeners of Radio Maria.  Our youth pray the Rosary with much focus, passion and love.

The centre of the show is simple… to share with the listeners (most often those under the age of 16 who have tuned in to listen to the show) amazing facets of the Lord’s love through our faith.

Our youth serve others by offering profound and amazing insights and responses to a wide range of questions being asked or a story told as to the message and meaning towards everyday life.  The video clip below is a fair representation of the honest and deep answers and reflections from our youth as they respond to various faith based questions.

The interview experience further develops their character through self-confidence along with the ability to clearly communicate your perspective or point of view.  It is really amazing to see and listen to them in action.

The questions asked brings into focus clear concrete moral or spiritual issues or struggles that we often encounter to thereby offer additional insights to one’s personal life a circumstances.

Our youth (boys and girls ages 8 to 15) really enjoy the experience while the listeners to our forums are often amazed and walk away learning more about their faith and its many gifts through the unscripted words and responses from the youth.

Listen to previous shows here -

In conclusion... this experience benefits our FNE youth and leaders, their families (as they grow stronger in their faith journey to be good people), the listeners of Radio Maria and by extension the community at large as we grow in consideration to love and help one another!

So as our show (90 minutes long including the Rosary) draws to a close we say good night first to Jesus and then to the listeners of Radio Maria in front of the tabernacle just as we did before the show started.

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